Thermex! -40 IDV Goggle Double Lens K & N Rated

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Thermex! -40 IDV Goggle Double Lens K & N Rated

Thermex™ Double Lens Goggle - Indirect vent goggle with Anti-Mist tested to -40°
The Thermex™ is an advanced double lensed goggle with TMC™ technology that offers fog-free use, even in extremes of temperatures. The Thermex™ features an out lens made from polycarbonate with an inner lens made from acetate.

Features & Benefits
• Double lens protection with TMC™ technology to offer fog-free use, even in extreme environments.

• Protection against medium energy high speed particles at 120 m/s (270mph) and protection against high-speed particles at extremes of temperature.

• The optical qualities of the lens comply with the requirements of optical class 1 (highest)

• Offers dust, liquid splash, molton metal and extreme temperature protection.

• Also offers 99.9% protection against UV radiation.

• NBR foam on the goggle housing provides a comfortable fitting to a wide range of facial profiles.

• Can be used with an RX insert for prescription eyewear.

• Low profile design means the Thermex™ goggle can be worn with an industrial safety helmet or bumpcap, and is fully compatible with our Evolution® range of safety helmets and our Hardcap™ A1+ baseball style bumpcaps.

• Thermex™ goggles feature a wide 30mm elastic headband for improved comfort and secure fit.

• K & N Class lens offering Anti-scratch & Anti-mist protection.

- Vollsichtbrillen - - EN166 - - GOGGLES - Red / Black - One Size -
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