Stealth! 16G (Bernstein) mit K-Beschichtung

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Stealth! 16G (Bernstein) mit K-Beschichtung
Stealth™ 16g

Stealth™ 16g is our lightest safety eyewear, weighing only 16g. Next generation ultra-thin and ultra-strong optically perfect lenses moulded using the latest technology to deliver a thinner lens that meets the EN166 1.F requirements.

The Stealth™ is available with two types of lens coating. The first is our advanced Premier Shield™ coating which offers anti-scratch and anti-mist protection and is available on the clear spectacles. The second coating is our Hardia+™ anti-scratch coating which offers scratch protection and is available in clear and smoke.

Features & Benefits

  • Our Lightest Spectacle - At only 16g the Stealth™ 16g is the world's lightest safety spectacle.

  • Quality lens - Dual 9.5 base ultra-thin & ultra-strong optically perfect lenses. Because they are so thin they transmit more light than other spectacles improving vision and lowering eye strain.

  • Integral nose bridge - The built in nose bridge has been designed and shaped to fit most face shapes comfortably and securely.

  • Spectacle Cord Anchor - The temple tips have a spectacle cord anchor point for further practicality, preventing loss or scratching from being put on rough surfaces.

  • Premier Shield™ - Stealth 16g is available in clear with our Premier Shield™ coating which gives the safety glasses anti-scratch and ant-mist properties. (Only available on Product ASA920-1A1-300)

  • Hardia+™ - Hardia+™ is an anti-scratch coating that is available on the Stealth™ 16g clear and smoked spectacles. (Available in clear ASA920-161-300 and smoke ASA920-163-000)
- Leichtgewichtige Schutzbrillen - - EN166 - - - Amber - One Size -
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